Fine young cannibals - the finest / the rare and the remixed

Directed by Michael Anderson, Vincente Minnelli. With Robert Wagner, Natalie Wood, Susan Kohner, George Hamilton. The minister of the town has died and his son Chad ...

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The cannibal story starring Norberto Manero Jr, otherwise known as Commander Bucay - one of the leaders of the paramilitary Integrated Civilian Home Defense Forces and the vigilante Christian group Ilaga - is probably the most notorious of them all.

In 1985, Manero and a few companions, including brothers Edilberto and Elpidio, set out to kill communist sympathizer and Italian priest Fr. Peter Geremia. When they couldn't kill Fr. Geremia, they killed the next Italian priest they found - Fr. Tulio Favali - who received 22 shot all over his body.

Different versions of the story has circulated after Fr. Favali's death, however, one thing remained the same. All accounts said that Norberto Manero Jr. picked up bits of the dead priest's brain and mocked him by flaunting it to passers-by and eventually eating some bits.

Description :  A team of geologists attempt to remove a native cannibal population from an island to perform atomic research, but the cannibals’ female leader disposes of them one by one by seduction.

Fleeing for their lives after the June 4th massacre, two leaders of China's Democracy movement eluded a massive government manhunt and escaped to the .

On July 11, 1970, fisherman found a torso in the Yellowstone River in Montana. At first, police had no idea who the torso belonged to. That would change two days later, when two men were arrested after trying to flee from a car accident near Big Sur, California. The men were 22-year-old Stanley Dean Baker and 20-year-old Harry Alan Stroup, both of Wyoming. The car they were driving wasn’t theirs; it belonged to 22-year-old social worker James Schlosser.

Fine Young Cannibals - The Finest / The Rare And The RemixedFine Young Cannibals - The Finest / The Rare And The RemixedFine Young Cannibals - The Finest / The Rare And The RemixedFine Young Cannibals - The Finest / The Rare And The Remixed